How to help inspire creativity at home


Feeling a little uninspired lately? Rather than blaming sleep or other things have you ever thought that the ambience of your study area could be holding you back?

Here are the best ways to inspire creativity at home  – stick with us and you will be inspired in no time

Choose your colours wisely
Paint your walls green or blue to help remind you of the outside and feelings of being free. Yellow is good to get the juices flowing but avoid white which will likely give you a headache.

Listen to music
Background noise is helpful in keeping you awake and creative. Punk, jazz, classical and rock are good to get your juices flowing but avoid chart (whoops!) and disco.

Have a drink
Coffee is great to keep you alert, but stick to decaf. A glass of water or juice will also keep you going.

Create a nice smell
Light a scented candle or pop a little vase onto your desk and fill it with fresh flowers. There is nothing like a good smell to unleash your creative side.

Have stress ball
Release tense by leaving a stress ball on your desk. Squeeze it when you’re feeling overwhelmed and you will be back to yourself in no time.