How to disguise a hangover face


OK, we admit it, some hangovers are so epic that nothing short of industrial paint and a paper bag over your head would disguise it, but there are many times when a little savviness in the make-up department can go a very long way.

We’re not just talking about a dash of the right concealer (although, obviously that helps) but a few tips and tricks which can make the world of difference the morning after the night before.

Yes, you’ve lost your phone and trailed curry chips through the house and the last thing on your mind right now is how you’re going to look in work the next day, but maybe you should take it in to account for a second! 

1) Rest your weary, drunken head on more than one pillow before you drift off. Sleeping on an elevated surface reduces puffiness around the eyes, a tell-tale sign you were on the beer the night before.

2) Wearing your hair pulled back from your face has an uplifting effect on your facial features. It will actually give you the appearance of a mini-facelift which will, in turn, make you look more alert and less like you’re bemoaning the loss of your third iPhone.

3) Your mouth is not the only part of you that feels like Ghandi’s flip flop ladies, your skin will also be crying out for some hydrating. So, why not invest in a moisturising serum, which is specifically anti-hangover and anti-aging, for the mornings where you’re not your normal fabulous self. Slather it on, girls and we mean, slather.

4) Stay away from the kohl and use a neutral eyeliner on your peepers the next morning instead. This will make your eyes appear brighter and fresher. Makes sense!

5) Skip your foundation application. Wait girls, hear us out! How many times have your applied foundation to your sad, hungover face and had it cake on top of your poor, dehydrated skin? Instead, stick to the moisturiser and then add a little highlighter and concealer to the needier areas. You’ll be surprised how much fresher you’ll look.

Did you notice? We didn’t tell you to drink twelve litres of water when you get in and remove every last scrap of your disco face before face-planting upside down on your roommate’s bed. While the former may be recommended, that doesn’t mean it’s always realistic.

So go forth, eat your curry chips with one eye open and sleep sob about your phone, but the next morning get your head in the game and damage control that beautiful albeit seriously sleep-deprived face of yours.