How to create a Bridgerton-themed couples costume for Halloween


Being able to come up with spooky, daring or down-right adorable couples costumes is one of the best parts about actually being in a couple during the spooky season.

This year we have no doubt that quite a few couples and singletons alike will be dressing up as their favourite character from Netflix’s much-loved period drama, after Bridgerton became an international phenomenon.

Take this opportunity to turn your other half into a dashing Duke for the evening, and live out your Bridgerton dreams at last. After all, you know Lady Whistledown would!

Here’s how to create your very own, fuss-free Bridgerton look:


If you decide to dress up as the eldest Bridgerton daughter then you simply must find yourself a pale blue a-line dress. An empire waistline would be a bonus, as would some puff sleeves. Here’s a lovely one from Stradivarius for just €29.99.

Next up you’ll need to purchase some gloves. Choose from either lace, dainty hand gloves, which Daphne is seen wearing throughout the series, or the elbow length white gloves she wears to several balls.

To complete the look, you’ll need to find yourself a strawberry blonde wig, to emulate Phoebe Dynevor’s luscious locks. Accessorising with jewels is always a nice touch too.

The Duke:

As for Simon, the Duke of Hastings, this costume will need a few pieces which your partner might already have. A pair of standard black suit trousers for starters. Next up they’ll need a white dress shirt, preferably one with a high collar. 

Your other half will also need a waistcoat, rich and colourful patterns are encouraged! Pair it with a black tie or scarf wrapped around the neck similarly to how Simon styled it in the Regency era. To complete the look, attach a green jewelled brooch and call it a night!