How NOT to impress him


You have a hot date tonight and you want to blow him away. You decide to put on more lipstick than usual, take out your 10 inch heels and squeeze into you clubbing skirt, all in the hopes of impressing your guy – but will it work?

Let’s see what you should avoid doing if you want to leave a good first impression.

Pretending to be sporty
If you’re not into sports, don’t act like you are because it will only end badly.

Acting stupid
Acting stupid isn’t sexy, not now, not ever.

Overdoing the sexy look
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….. you know where this is going.

Acting like one of the guys
This really isn’t necessary – he’d be dating a dude if he wanted one.

Putting on a different voice
Pretending to have a sexy or sultry voice will only shock him later when you finally reveal your true colors – keep it real.