Eh how many times?! This Dublin couple have the Lotto NAILED


We have mild palpitations every time we splash out on a Lotto ticket and while we've never won ANYTHING so far, we know, deep down, that the next time could be different.

For one couple from Dublin, however, scooping big on the National Lottery has simply become part and parcel of married life. (Yeah, we know.)

Last Saturday marked the pair's ninth big win when they netted a whopping €113,661 after matching five numbers and the bonus ball in the weekend's draw

While they have matched five numbers each time they won, the prize money has gotten substantially bigger over the years, with the husband saying: "When you consider that the first time we matched five numbers we won a hundred pounds."

The couple, who have chosen to remain anonymous, said: "Since the start of the lotto, we have matched five numbers nine times and we’re not giving up on the jackpot just yet. We are getting closer and closer to the jackpot."

The generous pair are more than happy to spread the wealth, and told the press that they plan to donate money to local charities as well as an African children's charity.

We wonder if they'd be open to a syndicate…