Hot weather hairstyles to see you through a sunny day


Finally, the sunshine has arrived. A dream for us, a nightmare for our hair.

Once the weather really picks up, humidity and heat can be a disaster situation for anyone with long or thick hair. Sweaty neck, frizzy hair… not a great look.

Luckily there are a few simple hairstyles you can try to keep yourself cool in the sunshine while still ensuring your hair game is on point.

1. Tie it up
A headscarf is a really colourful addition to any summer look, and it'll also ensure your hair stays put if it gets windy. Which is likely, because this is Ireland. Pop your hair in a bun and wrap the headscarf around your head whatever way you please. 


2. French plait
Not just for your First Communion. A loose French plait is the perfect summer hairstyle, allowing you to tame unruly flyaways and keep your hair off your face. 


3. Simple roll-up bun
This style looks like it takes hours of effort but it couldn't be simpler. Use an elastic headband, placing it over your hair and ears. Start by tucking an inch-thick strand of hair from the left side of your head behind your head and under the band. Do the same on the right. Then gather all the remaining hair from the back of your hair (rolling it up if needed) and tuck it under the headband at the back. You may need a few bobby pins to secure the style.


4. Heidi braids
Such a cute hot-weather style. To create it, part your hair in the centre and tie it into pigtails behind each ear. Plait each pigtail tightly, tie with a clear elastic and then loosen the plaits by pulling each pigtail gently from the ends up. Take the left pigtail and place it across the top of your head so that it almost touches your right ear (how far it goes will depend on the length of your hair). Pin to secure it flat on top of your head. Do the same with the right braid so that it almost touches the left ear. Criss-cross the pigtails' ends and tuck them underneath.


5. Slicked ponytail
Could there be a more convenient style for a hot day? Tame any flyaways with a comb and hairspray before tying your hair into a high ponytail. You can add volume and texture by back combing the ponytail and spritzing with salt spray.

*Images via Pinterest