Hollywood star has embarrassing run-in with the police


Thanksgiving Day is supposed to be a quiet time of rest and relaxation with the family.

So we can understand Drew Barrymore’s frustration when hers ended in a spot of trouble with the law!

The actress found herself slapped with ticket for jaywalking while she crossed the road after an early morning yoga class in Beverly Hills.

Of all the things to be told-off for, Drew!

The 39-year-old was seen playing with her hair nervously while a police officer took down her details, before presenting her with a fine.

It seems that Drew wasn’t quite so put out by the incident, however, as she later broke into a dance for awaiting paparazzi.

Well, that’s one way to shake off your troubles!

Drew has been a busy woman of late, having recently launched her own perfume range.

The star shared a sneak peek of the ad campaign for her scent ‘Cherished’ earlier this week, which she revealed will feature her eldest daughter, Olive.