Hollywood actress left devastated after suspected heroin overdose


Academy award-nominated actress Sharon Stone has been left devastated by the death of her twenty-two-year-old nephew, Colin, this month.

Colin, who reportedly died from a heroin overdose, was found in his apartment on November 10th. His apartment manager, who was carrying out a welfare check, raised the alarm after discovering the body.

Sharon is struggling to come to terms with the tragedy, with a source close to the family saying: “Sharon is devastated. Years ago, she helped Colin’s dad- her brother, Michael- get his life back on track after serving time for selling drugs. Michael was able to escape a life of drugs- unfortunately, his son was not.”

Speaking about the tragic passing on Wednesday, Colin’s family said: “Colin was a wonderful talented son. Unfortunately he had an addiction bigger than himself. He will be greatly missed.”

The grieving actress, who is currently in Paris, was filming Life on the Line with John Travolta when she was informed of her nephew’s untimely death.

Colin’s family, in their official statement, said : “Our prayers go out to all families coping with children facing addiction.”