Hollywood actress breaks down on TV discussing her family


Orange Is The New Black star Diane Guerrero, who plays Maritza on the hit Netflix show, broke down in tears on CNN yesterday.

The actress became emotional when speaking about her parents and brother, who were deported to Columbia when she was only 14-years-old.

Discussing the fateful day, Diane says she came home from school to find their cars still there, the lights on, but nobody home.

Neighbours then came around to tell Diane that her parents had been taken away.

The actress then finished school and went to college alone – saying that nobody in authority came to see if she was okay after her parents were taken. 

Speaking about her relationship with her parents today, Diane says that it is extremely difficult as she feels she doesn’t know what it going on with them, a subject that causes her to get very emotional.

Diane appeared on the show to talk about America’s immigration laws, which are currently being overhauled by President Obama.