‘Hello, Jack?’ Have you SEEN Kate Winslet’s screen test for Titanic?


It's been online for almost four years now, but Kate Winslet's screen test for Titanic has started doing the rounds again in recent days, and we can't stop re-watching it.

We don't know whether it's Kate's unmistakable talent or the fact she's actually playing opposite Elton from Clueless, but this YouTube video manages to be both surreal and compelling in equal measure.

Watching Kate channel her inner Rose DeWitt Bukater to anyone other than Leonardo Di Caprio is absolutely bizarre while seeing Jeremy Sisto talk about anything other than his missing Cranberries CD is a little hard to take.

Add in the squeaking couch and the all too obvious lack of Leo, and this 20-year-old audition has us in a full tailspin.

Ladies, check this out!