Heading on holidays? This packing hack will save you SO much effort


We love going away on holidays. Who doesn't? And we also love buying clothes for holidays.

BUT, when it comes to packing a suitcase, that's where it goes totally downhill.

Barely a stitch of clothing will fit in a carry-on bag, so you have to pay extra on most airlines to bring a suitcase. Ugh.

Unless you can master this hack.

Posted on Facebook by Anacleto, the video has gone viral because it shows a woman packing TWO weeks worth of clothes into a small carry-on suitcase. Handy.

She starts off by laying out a long-sleeved shirt flat, and then picks up another and lays it in the opposite direction.

She literally lays everything out flat and rolls it up into a neat little package. Perfect.

Watch the video above to become a pro at packing for your next holiday. It's actually super easy. 

Feature image: Bradley Hasemeyer