Has Niall Horan fallen out with his big brother?


Niall Horan’s older brother Greg has further fuelled rumours that he has fallen out with Niall by selling what look like anti-boyband t-shirts.

Greg previously admitted that the only way that he was able to keep up with his brother’s movements was through following the media.

Greg sparked rumours that he and Niall were not getting along, when he revealed that  he was “done” with Niall and the One Direction family after their recent Croke Park gigs.

“I’m so hurt, it’s not even funny anymore.”

But now 1D fans are speculating things have worsened between Niall and Greg, after the One Direction star’s sibling started a new online venture.

The 27-year-old was selling “Boy Bands Stole My Heart”  tops on Twitter this evening and it’s believed that Greg receives some commission for selling these t-shirts, due to special code attached to his tweets.

We hope whatever is going on between Greg and Niall that it gets sorted soon. niallandbrother boybandt-shirt