Harry Styles is now rumoured to be dating this lady


Harry Styles is constantly surrounded by romance rumours and the latest seems to be around him and his good friend, Lou Teasdale.

Apparently Lou has split from her long term boyfriend and reports are suggesting that her and Harry have gotten a lot closer as a result.

“They do everything together. They’re very close and their friends overlap. Harry’s not got a lot of people he can trust and the lines could easily blur. Everyone that knows them has speculated that Harry’s in love with Lou, but he’s as confused about his feelings as anyone.”

However, there could be some truth behind the rumours as Lou is currently with the One Direction boys on their Where We Are tour.

But despite the apparent feelings the two have for another, Harry doesn’t plan on acting on them anytime soon.

“There’s a chance Lou and Tom will sort things out, but Harry’s supporting Lou for now. They’re having big heart- to-hearts all the time. Lou’s devastated and her priority is Lux, but she’s grateful to have Harry in her life – he’s good at cheering her up,”

Hmmm, we wonder what Kendall would think of these latest rumours?