Harry Styles in Star Wars?! Yep, this totally needs to happen


Would you be down with Harry Styles taking on the role of a young Han Solo? Because we totally would.

Reports today are suggesting that Harry was considered for the role of Han, but it was ultimately given to Alden Ehrenreich.

However, Disney execs are not ruling out the former 1D star for future Star Wars characters.

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An insider told The Sun: "Harry was one of the early names in contention when the studio looked at Han Solo.

"Even though he had virtually no acting experience, they saw he had huge star potential and would give the solo project enormous publicity.

"On initial inquiries Harry had his music career laid out and it would have been almost impossible to lock him down for the job."

However, there has been talks at Disney about having him come in again for other projects they are considering.

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"The rumoured Obi Wan stand-alone movie may not star Harry in the lead role but could see him play a smaller part," the source added.

"Everyone had nothing but praise for him in Dunkirk, and he and manager Jeff Azoff are carefully picking out what movie role he should take next."

Harry is set to make his movie debut with the release of Dunkirk on July 21, and we can't wait to see what he has to offer.

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