Harry Styles cosies up with new mystery girlfriend


Harry Styles reportedly has a new girlfriend, and she is stunning!

The One Direction star was snapped in Collage Nightclub in Sweden on Friday night looking really cosy with the mystery woman, after he stormed the stage with his bandmates as part of their Where We Are tour.

The pair were hugging and laughing together, and were said to have left the club early ahead of their friends.

Isn’t Harry meant to be on self-imposed ‘sex ban’ after taking up Kabbalah? Maybe they just held hands then!

Harry’s companion is thought to be Nicole Kahlani, a hair and make-up artist who has worked with boyband 5 Seconds of Summer – who are supporting 1D on tour.

She is also said to be good friends with beauty pro Lou Teasdale, who just so happens to the personal stylist for Harry and the lads.

Harry does seem to go through girlfriends like hot dinners, so we’re not sure how long this new romance will actually last!