Harry Judd shares sweet moment his two kids met their baby brother


McFly drummer Harry Judd and his musician wife Izzy are now a family-of-five after welcoming the birth of their third child this past Monday.

Taking to social media yesterday evening, the happy parents shared the sweet moment their new bundle of joy was introduced to his older siblings, five-year-old Lola and four-year-old Kit.

That’s not all though — Harry and Izzy also announced the lovely moniker they chose for their new baby boy, and it’s absolutely adorable.

“Meeting Lockie for the first time,” Harry wrote in Instagram, sharing his little lad’s name alongside a sweet snap of Izzy, Lola and Kit all peering into a yellow baby basket, with little Lockie laying inside.

“Lockie Magnus Christopher Judd, 11/10/21,” Harry continued, sharing his son’s full name and the date he was born.

The dad-of-three also shared two sweet photos of his baby boy, moments after he was born in the hospital, laying on his parent’s chests.

Meanwhile, violinist Izzy shared a similar post to her Instagram account, sharing a gorgeous family snap of all five of them sitting on their couch at home, Lola and Kit in absolute awe of their baby brother.

“Back home… Lola and Kit, meet your brother Lockie,” Izzy lovingly wrote, adding, “Lockie Magnus Christopher Judd, 11th October 2021, 7lbs 8oz.”

“Thank you so much for all your kind messages yesterday! Xx” 

Keeping it real and relatable, Izzy took to Instagram again yesterday evening to share her bedtime struggles now that she’s a mum-of-three. “Well that was a different kind of bedtime tonight,” she wrote alongside a candid snap of herself sat up in bed, breastfeeding Lockie while simultaneously reading her eldest son a bedtime story.

“Whilst I was feeding Lockie and reading to Lola, Kit wanted his own story in his own bed with mummy, how to spread my arms 3 ways,” she wondered, adding, “One day at a time is going to be my motto for the foreseeable!!”