Hair thinning? Here’s what you can do about it


Have you ever been in the shower, unwinding after a long day, washing out your shampoo, when suddenly, you feel a handful of strands of hair come away from your head?

It’s a horrible feeling, and some hair shedding is to be expected, but that amount? Regardless of whether you have thick or thin hair, feeling our hair thinning can be scary. If you’re losing large amounts, it’s definitely time to get it checked out with your doctor, but hair thinning is something that actually affects almost 80% of all women. From hormonal imbalances to postpartum or stress induced hair thinning, many women will experience it in their lifetime.

So why aren’t there more hair treatments out there to combat it?

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Klorane is answering our hair thinning prayers, by launching their new Hair Strengthening Serum and Keratin Capsules to maintain the appearance of full, strong & healthy hair.

Experts in plant-based active ingredients, Klorane Laboratories explores the world to select the most appropriate plant species and extracts with the richest active ingredients to give you healthy, beautiful hair. The latest innovations by the botanical French haircare brand focuses on strengthening hair and helping to reduce hair thinning and loss.

The two new additions, Hair Strengthening Serum and Keratin Capsules join the brand’s expert Quinine Range.

Reactional hair loss has a number of causes. From seasonal and hormonal changes to fatigue, over exertion, and poor diet. Although temporary, this kind of hair loss can be anxiety inducing which can thus cause further hair loss. Normal daily loss is between 50 and 100 strands. Beyond that, action is required.

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Speaking about this kind of hair loss Trichologist Clare Devereux says, “With a global pandemic, I’m seeing more and more patients suffering with hair loss due to stress. We don’t realise how stress can affect the wellbeing of our hair and scalp. Stress can cause Telogen effluvium and this is what I am seeing patients experience at the moment. This is a term given to excessive hair shedding.”

“Seeing excessive hair loss adds to the stress levels and so the cycle continues. This type of hair loss is usually temporary but it is important to try and do things to help you to relax like taking a walk or mediating for a few minutes a day. A healthy diet also helps greatly. I recommend head massage to all of my patients and clients as it’s a great stress buster and also promotes hair growth.”

With a wealth of botanical experience and scientific expertise, Klorane Laboratories has created a solution to hair thinning with a major innovation. It combines two powerful natural ingredients – organic Edelweiss extract and Quinine. This synergistic combination provides unprecedented action on strengthening hair and helping reduce hair loss with proven natural effectiveness.

Klorane Hair Strengthening Serum with Quinine (RRP €31.50)

The serum combines an effective balance of ingredients to fortify and nourish hair. Quinine and Edelweiss are combined to strengthen hair and helps to reduce hair loss while manganese provides the correct nutrients to the hair bulb. Caffeine is added to increase the penetration of the quinine 8-fold, ensuring hair health is optimized from root to tip. A micro nutritional complex of Vitamins B3, B6, B5, and B8 (Biotin) niacinamide and panthenol, strengthen and support healthy hair.

With 98% natural ingredients Klorane Hair Strengthening Serum with Quinine is a gentle yet powerful answer to strengthen hair and help reduce hair loss. The non-greasy texture means it can be applied to dry or wet hair without weighing it down and addition of menthol leaves the scalp feeling fresh and soothed.

Results found hair loss is reduced from one month and within three months, hair is denser and more resilient.

Klorane Quinine KERATINcaps capsules (RRP €24.00)

Klorane’s Quinine KERATINcaps optimise your haircare routine when paired with the Quinine Hair Strengthening Serum. It is the optimal food supplement to maintain healthy, strong hair. The Quinine KERATINcaps contain Zinc and selenium to help nourish the hair bulb, supporting fuller, thicker and shinier looking hair (and nails!).

For each new product launched, the Klorane Botanical Foundation aims to give back via a dedicated initiative. Klorane Botanical Foundation is working to protect primary forests and promote sustainable agroforestry practices with local communities in Ecuador – the native lands of Quinine, by setting up 6 community nurseries to plan +15,000 trees.

Klorane is available from selected pharmacies nationwide.