Hair envy! Blake Lively ditches her long locks for a VERY short style

It's been red, it's been brown, it's been blonde and bronde, but Blake Lively's hair has always been long.

Now though, we;ve had a taste of what the star might look like with a permanently shorter style, and we could definitely see it working.

The actress was snapped on the set of Woody Allen's new film with a strawberry-blonde pin-curl bob sitting just above her shoulders.

Blake has often gone for retro hairstyles in the past, so the curled bob wasn't a huge leap for her, but the lack of length is definitely a change.

Of course, the style could have been a wig, but if so it's an extremely natural one – just look at that seamless hairline…

In typical Woody Allen style, no details of the new film have been revealed, but going by the costumes seen on set so far, it'll have a Fifties vibe.

Blake's been spotted in both a flowing silver sequined gown and a leopard print cape, while her co-star Kristen Stewart was pictured wearing a floral pink dress with a bow in her hair:

Neither Blake or Kristen have spoken much about the film – but that's mainly because they're not allowed.

"You're not supposed to talk about Woody Allen movies before they're out," Kristen said during an August appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael.

"But I think I'm probably allowed to generally say [her character Teresa is] a stretch for me,' she admitted.

Woody's movie began filming in August and also stars Jesse Eisenberg and Bruce Willis.