Bye bye blonde… Blake Lively debuts new hairstyle on Instagram

Blake Lively is famous for her beachy blonde locks, but the mum of one has decided to ditch her signature colour… almost.

The Gossip Girl star took to Instagram yesterday to reveal that she's mixed things up with a new 'bronde' shade… a mix of brunette and blonde, doncha know. Blake, who is currently on a shoot in Asia for jewellery brand Live Lokai, posted a couple of snaps to Instagram yesterday showing off her new darker shade.

Although we found it hard to take our eyes off the scenery in this gorgeous forest photo, Blake's darker, almost auburn tones were definitely visible in the close-up photo which she captioned, "Holy cow! A heart shaped mountain. Nothing more perfect than nature. Time to protect it!!!"

The actress also shared a second photo which showed her new style to full effect. "Brondes have more fun #NoTypos IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo" she wrote.

So Blake definitely seemed happy with the change, but what does her husband Ryan Reynolds think? Luckily for us, one E! reporter found out the answer to that very pressing question just yesterday. "You know, I like it all," Ryan told E! during an interview to promote his new thriller Self/Less. "That's the great thing about our weird jobs. We come home sorta looking different once in a while."

This is not the first time Blake has gone for a change from her usual blonde. Back in 2011 she rocked fiery red locks for a time after getting a colour change for her role in Hick:

We weren't too sure about the red, but so far we are LOVING the bronde.