G’wan, David! So Planet Earth is MORE popular than the X Factor

Since 2004 the X Factor has been a household name, with Saturday and Sunday nights usually consisting of the popular show and a take-away.

However, the BBC has confirmed that Sir David Attenborough’s BBC one show, Planet Earth II is now more popular.

In fact, the first episode had 12.26 million viewers.

Talking about the show's incredible ratings, Sir David Attenborough told the Radio Times that it "pleases him enormously".

"I'm told that we are attracting a larger than normal number of younger viewers and apparently the music of Hans Zimmer in particular is striking a chord."

The series shows high definition shots of animals in their natural habitats, and with David's famed soft-toned voice, it is no surprise that it is beating X Factor for ratings.

Our faith in humanity is restored!