Guy goes to extreme measures to get back at ex girlfriend


Breakups are hard we all know that, but while seeking revenge might seem like the best option, it’s not particularly nice. A fact that this Gumtree user might have overlooked.

Obviously in love the man bought a bike because his girlfriend was a cyclist enthusiast. However, after she dumped him, the seller took to the buy and sell site to try and get rid of it, as you do.

He wrote under his ad: "Bought this bike because my girlfriend was into cycling. She dumped me and I hate cycling. I've used it twice since I bought it. Apparently it's quite a good bike." 

But, and there is always a but in these instances, that is not all he tried to flog, writing: "I'll throw some size 9 specialised shoes for measure along with the ex's phone number".

If he is going to be this mean about a breakup, maybe she was right to end the relationship…