Guess who’s back!


It’s no secret that the X Factor’s ratings have declined significantly in recent years.

The show’s bosses are pulling out all the stops to return the star-making programme to its former glory, bringing our favourite sassy mum, Sharon Osbourne back into the fold.

Considering the popularity of that move, it’s no surprise that they’ve delved back into the pool of judges from the show’s golden years.

But who’s making a dramatic return?

We still have our fingers crossed that Cheryl will be on our screens once again, but reports now reveal that Simon Cowell is currently finalising a deal with the show’s chiefs.

The dad-to-be will rejoin the judging panel in August after a three-year hiatus.

It’s not yet known if he’ll continue on the X Factor’s US edition, but either way, we’ll be happy to have Simon back where he belongs.

We might even get another One Direction out of the deal!