Grenfell Tower residents plead with the public not to pose for selfies


Over the six days that have followed the Grenfell Tower tragedy, politicians, press, high-profile personalities and members of the public have flocked to the scene of a fire which has thus far claimed the lives of 79 people.

And while the vast majority sought to provide support, assistance and reassurance in the aftermath of the blaze, it appears a small number are under the impression the scene of the tragedy is some sort of macabre tourist attraction.

As emergency services continue to sift through debris and families are informed of their loved one's passing, members of the public are using the opportunity to take selfies in the midst of the tragedy.

With a worrying number of people choosing to photograph themselves in front of the building's remains, residents have felt compelled to hang posters which urge the public to consider their actions in the wake of such a tragedy.

"Grenfell a tragedy not a tourist attractions. #selfies," read one poster.

Speaking to CNN, a resident of the area revealed the extent of the issue, saying: "It was such a disgrace to see people taking selfies with the tower behind them, thinking it was OK to do that in front of residents and people who lost their loved ones in the fire."

"It broke my heart to see people all dressed up like it was (the Notting Hill) Carnival and guys trying to get girls' phone numbers," he added.

Weighing in on the current discussion, Twitter users have wasted no time berating people who choose to take photographs at the scene of utter devastation, with one writing: "In the 15, or 16 years after 9/11, people just want to have their "Proof that I was there." self taken photos. What a souvenir."

The death toll currently stands at 79.