Google goes green with St. Patrick’s Day doodle by Irish artist


While this St. Patrick’s Day might have been quite different with all of us being separated from those we love, at least we could enjoy the fact that Irish people were virtually united across the world, with Google’s iconic Doodle.

This year Google’s Doodle went green for St. Patrick’s Day with the help of Irish illustrator Arron Croasdell. Aaron’s inspiration for the Doodle was based on his love for exploring the mountains around Ireland and spending time by the sea.  

His aim for the design was to bring a modern twist to traditional Ireland by building images out of simple geometric shapes while featuring the nature and heritage of both rural and urban Ireland.  Arron set out to create a Doodle that would be easily recognisable as a piece representing Ireland both at home and around the world. 

As the country prepared for another St. Patrick’s Day under Covid restrictions, keeping children occupied and planning the supermarket shop appear to be the main concern of people across Ireland according to Google Trends Data.

St. Patrick’s Day Trends

  • “lá fhéile pádraig sona daoibh” is a breakout search, past week, IE

  • “St Patrick's Day art for kids” is up +300%, past week, IE

  • “Facts about st patrick” is up +750%, past day, IE

  • “story of st patrick for kids” is up +200%, past day, IE

Trending questions on St Patrick's Day, past 7 days, IE

  • Is Aldi open St Patrick's Day?

  • Is Dunnes open on St Patrick's Day?

  • Is St Patrick's Day a holiday in Northern Ireland?

  • Where did St Patrick day come from?

  • Is Tesco open on St Patrick's Day?

Asking where our patron saint was born was the trending question related to St. Patrick and songs, gifts and recipes for St. Patrick’s Day were the most searched for St. Patrick’s Day searches. St. Patrick’s Day art and craft ideas were popular searches in the last week, no doubt featuring perfect shamrocks with  ‘How to draw a shamrock’ the top shamrock related question. 

Trending questions on St Patrick, past 7 days, IE

  • Where was St Patrick born?

  • When did St Patrick die?

  • Where is St Patrick buried?

  • When did St Patrick come to Ireland?

  • What year was St Patrick born?

  • What did St Patrick do?

  • What nationality was St Patrick?

  • How to draw St Patrick?

  • Who kidnapped St Patrick?

  • How did St Patrick die?

Most searched “…for St Patrick's Day” searches, past week, IE

  • Songs for St Patrick's Day

  • Gifts for St Patrick's Day

  • Recipes for St Patrick's Day

  • Irish songs for St Patrick's Day

  • Weather for St Patrick's Day

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  • Hymns for St Patrick's Day

  • Social welfare payments for St Patrick's Day 2021

  • Cakes for St Patrick's Day

  • Green lights for St Patrick's Day

Top questions on Shamrocks, past week, IE

  • How to draw a shamrock?

  • How many leaves does a shamrock have?

  • What is a shamrock?

  • How to grow shamrock?

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  • Is shamrock edible?

  • How to crochet a shamrock?

  • What did St Patrick believe a shamrock represents?

  • What is Shamrock in Irish?

  • Does shamrock grow outside Ireland?

Regardless of the circumstances, we hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, you stayed safe and celebrated what it means to be Irish. Lá fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh!