Goodbye streaks! You need this new tanning hand and face brush


Lusso Tan was developed by Belfast-born siblings, Lynsey Bennett, Leah and Sarah White, along with their brother, a chemist and has quickly become a sensation in the beauty world.

The trio of sisters, who have worked in the beauty and tanning industry for over 17 years,  developed the Lusso Tan range of tanning products in 2017, following the realisation that there were no tanning formulas on the market that delivered on all of their expectations as busy mums and career women. Lusso Tan was created with this in mind, along with a Three Step Ritual for tanning, that involves a hydrating, skin-nourishing, luxury tanning experience with a formula that is quick drying, free from parabens and other nasty chemicals and without unpleasant smells. Lusso Tan results in a flawless golden sun-kissed glow that lasts up to seven days.

In response to customer requests, the Lusso Tan trio of sisters have launched a new Sunless Tanning Hand and Face Brush, the perfect partner for flawless tanning application.

The new product has been designed to be used in tandem with the Lusso Tan Hand and Face Tanning Mist, which delivers a natural sunkissed glow to the skin with a simple hydrating spritz. Using the new kabuki brush to buff the product onto the skin results in a more flawless finish. The extra soft bristles are tightly compacted, meaning the product sits on top of the brush, rather than soaking in – which minimises waste and allows for a more even distribution on the skin.

Lusso Tan focused their efforts on new product development during COVID-19 and have some exciting new products in the pipeline. Co-founder Lynsey Bennett shared, “We haven't stopped in months! As a family, innovation is in our DNA  – we love to keep things fresh and deliver new products that really help our customers and are delighted with the finished result of the new Hand and Face Brush. We've worked closely with our manufacturers to bring to market the best quality Kabuki brush that of course is vegan and cruelty free – like all of our products. The brush is great for buffing your mist & tan into those notoriously difficult areas, resulting in a perfect glow – which is great for those no-makeup days or last minute Zoom calls! We have worked hard and can’t wait to share what we have coming over the next few months!”

All products are vegan, organic and cruelty free and are available on,, Boots Ireland Stores and select salons and stockists around the country.