Good news Galway-based pizza lovers! Irish Pizzeria ranked #27 in all of Europe!

If you’ve visited Galway city and haven’t followed your nose along it’s windy cobbled streets to find the amazing smell coming from Dough Bro’s pizzeria – you’ve missed out big time. I don’t want to say you might as well not have gone to Galway at all but…did you really go to Galway if you didn’t try Dough Bros?

Never mind, there’s a chance to remedy the situation next time you’re there, and it should be especially high up your list now that it’s been named one of the best pizzerias in Europe!

That’s right, an Irish pizzeria hit 27th place on Big Seven Travel’s (the International Travel Outlet) list of the 50 Best Pizzas in Europe! Out of thousands of Pizzerias in Europe, Dough Bros made the top 50, which is an incredible achievement!

The Dough Bros are the only Irish restaurant to make the list, with Big Seven Travel, praising the company for going "from strength to strength". The Dough Bros which are this month marking eight years in business employ 25 staff full time and are now looking at a further 10/15 hires as they expand on their DIY pizza kit offering.

The Dough Bros Restaurant on Galway's Middle Street is run by brothers Eugene and Ronan Greaney and it's not the first time the Dough Bros' talent has been recognised at an international level: last year, they made history by being named in the prestigious 50 Top Pizza (Europe) for 2020, the first time the west of Ireland was featured in the awards.

Speaking on The Dough Bros number 27 placing, Big Seven Travel commented, "It’s well known for its Neapolitan-style pizza, topped with Italian and local Irish salami and cheese. Not only have they mastered the art of woodfired pizza in the restaurant itself, the Dough Bros expanded during the pandemic to offering DIY at-home pizza kits. The perfect amount of char, chew and flavour."

“Being named No 27 Best Pizzeria in Europe is genuinely a dream come true for us lads.” shared Eugene. “When we set out in 2013, we wanted to put Irish pizza on the map. We wanted to show people that pizza, when made with passion, dedication and craft can be celebrated like any other food. We knew that with our training in Naples and the world class ingredients that we have on our doorstep here in Ireland, that if we applied ourselves and gave everything to it, we could make a real difference. Thankfully the hard work seems to be paying off and we could not be prouder.

Pizza on Brown Wooden Board

“When we started the goal was to someday have one of the best pizzerias in Ireland. When we got into the Top 100 restaurants in Ireland, we set our sights on Europe. So, to be named No 21 and No 27 in two separate listings in the last year alongside the likes of Di Michele’s and 50 Kalo in Naples, Baest of Copenhagen is Roy of the Rover stuff. We will enjoy the moment but work has already begun on how we can get even higher on the list and see how far we can push this. We believe with the world class dairy, meat and veg we have here in Ireland we have a chance,” said Eugene.

In 2020, the Bros created their very own DIY Pizza Kits, so that every person in Ireland can enjoy one of the best pizzas in Europe in the comfort of their own home. “The DIY Kits started with single orders to homes across Galway and from here, we started delivering to people all across Ireland. We have worked with international brands like Guinness and with Michelin Gourmand Kai Restaurant on collaborations, which were incredible exposure and great learning experiences. Due to the success of the DIY kits, we are looking at securing our own new production outlet and will be looking to hire another 15 people. The meal kits are an exciting space and we want to be at the forefront of that. The kits have become our main income and allowed us to bring back 25 staff full time. This combined with our takeaway offering in Galway City meant we can continue to do what we love,” said Ronan.


The Dough Bros DIY Pizza Kits include three award winning, restaurant quality wood fired pizzas, the best artisanal local Irish produce and dips, with step-by-step instructions to make the perfect pizza. Delivery is nationwide to individual locations or they can deliver one batch to a location of your choosing for you to distribute. Well worth checking out lads!