Eyes OR lips? THIS is how to deal with that make-up DILEMMA


Glittery eyes OR red lips? The question many of us ask ourselves BEFORE we sit down to do our make-up.

A dramatic eye looks good with a LBD but so does a festive lip – so what's a girl to do?

Well, according to former Miss Ireland turned beauty and lifestyle blogger, Holly Carpenter, you should do BOTH – if you want to, that is. 


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"We are surrounded by negativity every day; it's time to celebrate that we are all different," Holly told SHEmazing 

"My face can wear a lot of make-up so a dramatic eye and red lip looks well, but it's not the same for everyone."

Encouraging everyone to go with what they want, the 25-year-old confessed that it can be "intimating" and totally "depends on the individual".


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The eye or lip dilemma is just one question that Holly answers in her brand new and exclusive online series, What Would Holly Do?  

Inundated with beauty questions on Instagram and Snapchat, the blogger was approached by RTÉ Player to answer major queries in a four-part series that sees her creating festive looks as well as giving tips on helping your look stay fresh all day.

"I love how make-up has the power to give women a boost of confidence and can help to make them feel good about themselves," Holly said.

"I think there's a huge amount of pressure on women these days to look perfect. I want to spread the message that we all struggle with self confidence sometimes and that's OK, but I think we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves.”

Each video is just a few minutes long, making them pretty handy for watching on the commute to college, but Holly admits that it is something that could grow – maybe even to the telly.

However, with plenty of future endeavours lined up – one including a trip to LAPLAND just before Christmas – and another that she wanted to keep under-wraps, Holly has plenty to keep her busy for the next few months anyway. 

What Would Holly Do? is the latest addition to RTÉ Players collection of online only, exclusive content. Holly joins comedian, Pamela Joyce, Chef Adrian, Roz Purcell, Indy Power as the latest online contributor.