Glee actress rumoured to be behind Caroline Flack’s break-up


Ooh, this break-up is certainly taking some twists and turns! It has been reported that Glee actress Dianna Agron may be the reason behind Caroline Flack and Jack Street’s bitter break-up!

It has been alleged that during his time in America working with Sam Smith, that Jack has become good friends with the actress, who plays Quinn on the hit show. It is said that their friendship caused a rift between Jack and Caroline, causing them to call it quits. 

Although this is far from confirmed, it does shed a LOT more light on Caroline’s cryptic tweet to Jack last week which has since been deleted. In the tweet, Caroline wrote: “easing your guilt? fill yourself with glee, Jack.” Until now, the tweet didn’t make much sense, but with this new Glee angle, could that be what she was hinting at? 

Thankfully for Caroline, we’re sure her break-up is the furthest thing from her mind right now after her amazing win on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend!