Gisele Bündchen earns how much per day?!


We all know that supermodels have outrageous wages, but Gisele Bündchen is definitely breaking the bank with what she earns daily.

According to Forbes, the model has earned a staggering $47 million (approx. €35million) over the past year, which works out at $128,000 (approx. €95,000) per day.

Apparently the last twelve months have been the best yet, in the Brazilian’s model twenty year career.

And it’s no wonder thanks to lucrative contracts with big fashion brands including H&M, Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton. 

And if that wasn’t enough the 33-year-old also manages her own sandal collection, and recently joined forces with lingerie brand Hope to create a collection.

Gisele may be rich, but she sure earns it!