Giovanna & Tom Fletcher respond to backlash after receiving furlough


Celebrity couple Giovanna and Tom Fletcher have publicly apologised, admitting to “a huge error in judgement” after it was reported that the two received £30,000 worth of government furlough payments last year.

In an article published by The Sun this past weekend, the publication reported that Giovanna and her McFly husband claimed from the goverment furlough scheme shortly after Giovanna was crowned Queen of the Castle on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Giovanna and Tom, who have been married since 2012 and share three young children together, are said to be worth £8M.

Taking to Instagram today, Tom and Giovanna have shared a joint statement, setting the record straight and holding themselves accountable.

“Hi everyone, we’ve always had a very honest and open relationship with you all on here so we thought it was important to address questions that some of you have rightly asked us in the last 24 hours,” the statement read.

“This weekend there was an article in one of the Sunday papers about us using the government furlough scheme. While parts of the article were inaccurate (including all of the figures mentioned), it is true that we did follow financial advice to furlough someone we employ.”


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“This was for a member of our team who couldn’t carry out their role due to the pandemic, and the scheme was suggested to us as the most effective way to give them job stability and security.”

“Although it was a time of great uncertainty, we clearly should have thought more about the situation and funded it ourselves.”

Concluding their statement, Giovanna and Tom admitted “It was a huge error of judgement and a mistake we wholeheartedly take responsibility for and we have paid the full amount back.”