Getting your feet summer ready


Summer is almost here, we can smell it in the freshly cut grass, which means sandals, flip flops and a whole host of shoes that show off our toes. Unfortunately, after spending the best part of eight months hidden away, your feet are probably not at their best right now.

  • Start by removing any polish you already have on.
  • Place your feet in the basin of water and leave to soak for about 10 minutes until soft.
  • Use the toenail clipper to clip your nails. Remember to cut straight across and not to follow the curve of the nail. You can soften any sharp bits by filing down the edges.
  • Next you will need to remove any calluses. Using a foot file, file in one direction making sure not to overdo it as you may damage the skin.
  • Once you are done, massage some foot cream in.
  • Lightly remove any excess oil from your nails by wiping them with the remover.
  • Push your toes into a toe separator and apply two coats of colour. Leave to dry before moving to prevent any smudges.