GESKE beauty tech devices: LOVED by Paris Hilton, Kylie & Charli D’Amelio now in Ireland


Up to now, beauty tech devices have been available at a salon or online. They are expensive, they are hard to understand. They are just not meant for you! That's up to now.

Enter German Beauty Tech brand GESKE, who is truly about to disrupt the beauty category.  The much-loved brand is used by Paris Hilton, Courtney Cox, Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, Charli D’Amelio, Nina Dobrev to name a few, is now on sale in Ireland at prices that won't break the bank.

You can buy them at every pharmacy: 

These new products will be available to buy at major pharmacy groups like Chemist Warehouse, McCabes, McCauley, Hickeys, Allcare & Life pharmacy, Shaws, and Millies.

You can afford it: 

The genius thing about making it available to everyone is ‘economies of scale’. GESKE is making more products available in more places, so the price comes down. There are 131+ countries and 250+ beauty devices with over 150 technologies. Each product is German-designed and developed. Each product has advanced skin-renewing technologies, such as SmartSonic Pulsations, Full-Spectrum LED Lights, and MicroCurrent Face-Lift Technology.  Prices range from as little as €10 up to €60.

Extra bonus?

These devices come with a 15-year guarantee! Now there’s product confidence!

You can understand it: 

GESKE is launching 8 products which fall under easy-to-understand categories – Cleanse, Glow or Lift.

Some hero products include:

Cleanse: Sonic Thermo Facial Brush 6in1 €49.95 (£45.00)

The SmartAppGuided Sonic Thermo Facial Brush provides an ultra-hygienic deep cleanse, daily. Say goodbye to pore-clogging dirt, oil, and makeup in a few seconds thanks to its SmartSonic Pulsation Technology with over 7,500 pulsations per minute and super soft ultra-hygienic silicone touchpoints. Then flip the brush over to enjoy the pore-opening Deep Warming Technology as it primes your skin for the optimal absorption of serums and creams, helping the active ingredients reach a deeper level of the skin.

Compact yet powerful – it’s a cleanser, a heated brush, and a facial massager rolled into one.

Glow: Sonic Warm & Cool Mask 9 in 1 €59.95 (£55.00)

This cutting-edge multifunctional facial mask has convinced so many experts and won tonnes of awards.  Try out the mask's 2-Minute Supercharged Facial! By activating the pore-opening deep warming and Full Facial Hyper-Infusion Technologies, the smart mask helps your skin take in the active ingredients of your Skincare products at a deeper level, where they can improve your skin most efficiently. The proprietary Cryo Deep Cooling Technology instantly shrinks pores to a minimum and the High Efficiency Depuffing System reduces puffiness, delivering that rejuvenated, energised look you always wanted. The SmartAppGuided Sonic Warm & Cool Mask also brings to you the Full-Spectrum LED Light Technology to fight signs of aging while also rejuvenating your skin.

Lift: This is the GESKE MicroCurrent Face-Lifter 6in1 It is €49.95 (£45.00)

It uses MicroCurrent and pulsation technologies to firm and LIFT your skin, giving more sculpt and contour on your jawline.  You get a complete facial session AND a workout for your skin and face muscles! You must use it with the Hydrating MicroCurrent Gel. The small microcurrents trigger your skins natural HEALING processes to firm and tighten your face. It also helps with blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The result? Smoother, softer skin that just glows.

The full range is on sale now and includes:

  • GESKE Facial Brush 4in1 Black and Gold €9.95 / £9.00stg
  • GESKE Sonic Facial Brush 5in1 Black and Gold €29.95 / £27.00stg
  • GESKE Sonic Thermo Facial Brush 6in1 Black and Gold €49.95 / £45.00stg
  • GESKE Sonic Warm & Cool Mask 9in1 Black and Gold €59.95 / £55.00stg
  • GESKE MicroCurrent Face-Lifter 6in1 Black and Gold €49.95 / £45.00stg
  • GESKE Sonic Facial & Body Roller 4in1 Black and Gold €39.95 / £35.00stg
  • GESKE MicroNeedle Face & Body Roller 9in1 Black and Gold €59.95 / £55.00stg

You download the free AI App*, which performs a live skin analysis and creates a personalised routine with “session videos” (just like a fitness app) so you can follow your skin’s progress.  GESKE makes it super simple and easy to understand what products you need and should use. 

*The App was awarded the CES Innovation Award and ELLE magazine No.1 Beauty Innovation award.