Geordie Shore star shares dramatic ‘before and after’ weight loss snap


Like her Geordie Shore co-stars Charlotte Crosby, Vicki Pattison and Marnie Simpson, Holly Hagan has drastically slimmed down over the last year.

The reality star says she has dropped three stone and counting, going from a size 16 to a size 10 in under a year.

Now Holly has shown just how dramatic the change has been by sharing a before-and-after shot on her Instagram page.

Holly shared the above photo collage yesterday, comparing an image of herself in her wild child heyday next to an image of her now. However she was keen to make it clear that the dramatic results did not happen overnight.

Although Holly's new diet book, Holly's Body Bible, has the tagline "Cook Yourself Thin: Use Holly's Exact 12 Week Diet Plan," Holly emphasised that her own transformation took longer than that.

"Of course I'm not saying you can go from the first photo to the second photo in 12 weeks! It took me along time with a lot of set backs along the way to be where I am right now. But this is my EXACT DIET that I followed throughout the process!" she said in reference to her new book. 

"No stupid recipes with ingredients you've never even heard of  Just simple easy to prepare meals that take as little effort as possible because if you're anything like me you want to be spending as little time in the kitchen as you can," she added.

We're glad to see Holly so happy – we hope she is staying healthy, too.