GALE force wind and FLOODS? Yup, the weekend forecast is bleak


Storm Barney and his 125 km/h winds had barely died down when the first signs of snowfall hit the country last week.

And it looks like the extreme weather is not over yet, as it's just been reported that there's a washout weekend ahead for Ireland.

November will finish up just as it started – with lashing rain, harsh winds and the odd flood.

Although the weather is currently quite mild, Met Eireann warn that heavy rainfall will be "widespread" across the country this evening, along with strong blustery winds. 

Temperatures will remain just above freezing, hovering between 1 and 5C.

If you were planning to start your Christmas shopping come Saturday, you might want to think twice before heading outside, as there's more heavy rain expected, and danger of "gale force winds."

To top it all off, there are "risks of spot flooding" predicted for Sunday. Charming.

It's been a fortnight of harsh weather, as this day last week saw the first snowfall of 2015, though thankfully it was short-lived.

Monaghan, Derry and even various parts of Dublin were graced with the first flurry of the season – people in Sandyford, Rathmines, Clontarf, Donaghbate and more all reported seeing snowflakes falling.

And just days beforehand, the country bore the brunt of Storm Barney, with almost 50,000 people left without power due to fallen power lines.

Oh Ireland, when will you let us catch a break?