Friends Fashion: 8 timeless and chic looks from Phoebe Buffay


For us, Friends will always be one of those classic shows that we revert back to when we want something comforting, familiar and wholesome to watch. 

It has been 30 years since the beloved characters of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey first burst onto our screens in Central Perk. 

In celebration of this wonderful show, we thought we would take a look back at some of the show’s most iconic fashion moments – in particular, through the lens of Phoebe Buffay (played by the hilarious Lisa Kudrow).

Naturally, as the show is three decades old, there are plenty of style looks throughout its ten seasons that haven’t aged very well. However, when it comes to Phoebe’s wardrobe, many of her most memorable fashion moments still hold up to this day!

Below, we have curated a list of eight of our favourite Phoebe looks throughout Friends. The quirky, adorable and kind Smelly Cat singer will always have a special place in our hearts, alongside these incredible outfits:

Season 1, Episode 10

Credit: Warner Bros

Despite the first few episodes of Friends taking place across 1996 and 1997, we’ll be the first to admit that some of our all-time favourite Phoebe outfits actually appear in season one. First up, we have this medieval corset dress, which Phoebe wears to Monica and Rachel’s New Year’s Eve party. In the end, our beloved masseuse ends up getting her heart broken that night by love interest David’s departure, but at least she still looks like a vision in this gown.

Season 1, Episode 21

Credit: Warner Bros

Amongst Phoebe’s more glamorous looks, we also can’t help but swoon over her casual clothes! In particular, this ensemble from season 1 stands out to us. The three girls decide to attend a dance class in order to rat out the woman who stole Monica’s credit card. For their secret mission, Phoebe chooses to go comfy but cute with this navy floral skirt, combined with a white vest and a tied denim shirt on top. We immediately want this look in our wardrobes!

Season 2, Episode 4

Credit: Warner Bros

The remaining five members of the Friends gang all compliment Phoebe on this particular outfit, and we can’t help but agree with them! Before she sets off to visit her old friend Duncan (who she also just happens to be married to), she dresses up in this adorable pink-and-white checkerboard mini dress. Phoebe also applies a soft twist to her hair, which gives the look an instant 60s vibe. 

Season 2, Episode 9

Credit: Warner Bros

This episode includes one of Phoebe’s more vulnerable storylines, as she attempts to seek out the truth about where her father is. For the monumental moment, she chooses to wear this stunning navy jumper, paired with some baggy, light blue jeans. The gorgeous design on this jumper always catches our attention every time we see it!

Season 4, Episodes 23 and 24

Credit: Warner Bros

Throughout Friends’ earlier seasons, Phoebe tends to wear a lot of dungarees. While there are many more styles that we could mention, we just had to include these cute yellow ones! Not only are they sweet because they beautifully show off Lisa Kudrow’s real-life baby bump, but these dungarees also just look so cosy to wear. We wouldn’t necessarily pair them with a top as jazzy as this one, but we’d still happily wear them any day of the week!

Season 5, Episode 14

Credit: Warner Bros

This episode is generally regarded as being one of – if not the – best episodes of Friends of all time, and it also just so happens to feature one of Phoebe’s best looks! In her hilarious attempt to ‘seduce’ Chandler (aka make him stressed out enough to admit his romance with Monica), Phoebe opts for this gorgeous dress. This gown truly is a work of art, from its beautiful shades of violet to its intricate lace detailing. We also adore that Phoebe matches her choker and hair accessories perfectly.

Season 9, Episode 22

Credit: Warner Bros

We like to think that this is Phoebe’s take on the late Princess Diana’s iconic black ‘revenge dress’ – and she definitely wears it well! When Phoebe is invited to a party that her then-ex Mike is attending, she goes all out with her style to make herself feel as confident as possible. After showing off this plunging black gown, Phoebe ends up receiving a hilarious compliment from Joey as he exclaims: “Wow, you look… ‘stop-eating’ hot! Which is like the highest level of hotness.”

Season 10, Episode 18

Credit: Warner Bros

For Phoebe Buffay’s very last appearance on our screens, Lisa Kudrow and the Friends wardrobe department truly pulled it out of the bag with this final look! Admittedly, we aren’t a fan of the pale blue tights, but the layering of Phoebe’s dress, brown suede jacket and dark boots is the perfect combination for autumn/winter. We’re absolutely desperate to know where we can find that jacket!