Free flights? This is excellent news for all travel loving students!

Do you know any students that can’t wait to pack up their bags and take off for some new adventures? If you do, then you should definitely consider letting them know about this new offer from KBC.

A recent survey has revealed that one in three students would consider transport their most significant expense. So KBC are stepping in to help the students out.

They’ve introduced a new ‘fly or cash’ initiative they allows students the chance to avail of free banking and a free return European flight. If they’re not feeling the wanderlust then the opportunity to get some cash is also available.

If you manage to fit in 10 debit card transactions before 2016, then you can receive a second free return flight, this also means there is the option to nominate a friend for to receive the second free flight.

Who doesn’t love a holiday with their friends? Even better, who doesn’t love a holiday with free flights?

Considering that over half of Irish students say that the cost of living is a regular source of worry, we imagine the chance to grab a free holiday will make plenty of students very happy.

Interestingly the survey also revealed that one in three students receive their spending money from their parents while three in every ten have part time jobs to fund themselves during their studies.

We imagine there will be sighs of relief from mammies around the country when they hear that they won’t be funding this year’s trip to Paris, or the long weekend for two to Budapest.