Foods to avoid on the first date

Cher from Clueless taught us we should draw attention to our mouths to get a boy’s attention, but digging spinach out of your teeth is hardly what she meant.

Here are a few foods you should avoid eating on your first date:

Garlic: Unless you want your night to end with a friendly hug, steer clear of garlic – at all costs.

Spaghetti: There really is no way to eat spaghetti in an elegant way. Skip the spaghetti and go for the spuds.

Ribs or chicken wings:  You don’t want to be remembered as the one who kept licking her fingers– not the best first impression to make.

Oysters:  Yes, they’re an aphrodisiac, but is that really more important than performing a slurping ceremony for your date?

Spicy foods: If you can’t handle it, don’t try to impress him and tell him you can. You might just end up with a beetroot face