Food hybrids to rival the famous Cronut

The Cronut may be delicious but it’s so first-half-of-2014. It’s August, yeah? Time to move on.

The food hybrid trend however may be here to stay. Here are some more questionable combos from across the pond which might be making their way to Ireland soon.


It’s like a cinnamon bun, but instead of sugar and cinnamon all curled up in a roll, it’s tomato and cheese.

Is it a heart attack on a plate or the most delicious sounding thing ever?

Why not both?


Similar to the cronut, the cragal is a combination of a bagal and a croissant. It’s essentially a cronut you can put cream cheese on. Mmmmm…

Ramen Burger

This is one we’re not so sure about. It replaces the burger buns with discs of compressed noodles to give a more Eastern feel to the American classic. We love noodles as much as anyone, but apart from looking a bit gross, doesn’t it kind of ruin the point of noodles? This seems like something a desperate student would cobble together rather than an actual invention.