Five ways to drink more water without even noticing!

By now you probably know the many, many benefits that come with keeping hydrated throughout the day, but even so it's hard to keep it a priority when you've got a million and one other things to think about.

Rather than grabbing a glass of water the odd time when it crosses your mind, the key to getting enough H2O is to make your access to it as convenient as possible.

Whether that means always carrying a bottle around or swapping other drinks for a glass of water, there are some really simple ways to ensure you're always drinking enough.

Here are a few we swear by…

1. Start the day off right
Keep a glass of water by your bedside locker or pour yourself one first thing before you begin your morning routine. It's an easy way to get more water in and it'll help wake you up too. Add a slice of lemon to help your body detox naturally and to aid digestion later in the day.

2. Keep it filled
Keeping a large bottle of water on your desk and refilling it every time it drops below a certain level is a surefire way to ensure you sip throughout the day. If you keep forgetting to bring a bottle or to keep one to hand, invest in a reusable bottle. Once you've shelled out a few quid, you'll be far less likely to lose or forget about it.

3. Make it tasty
A slice of lemon, a handful of mint leaves, some cucumber or even some ice cubes to cool it down are a great way to make your water fresher and easier to drink. If you want to get super fancy, freeze some strawberry, blueberry or raspberry pieces in water in an ice cube tray and add them to your glass. DELISH.

4. Get hydrated with your food
Certain foods have a higher water content than others and are a simple way to ensure your body is always getting the hydration it needs. Watermelon, celery, tomatoes, oranges and courgettes are good places to start.

5. Be wise with your other drink choices
High-caffeine options like coffee, tea and fizzy drinks are natural diuretics, meaning that in the long run your body will lose more water than it takes in. Swap that morning coffee for a glass of water, or sip some water before and after.