Five tips for naturally long and healthy eyelashes


Us women love it when our eyelashes are looking naturally long and beautiful. Yes, this can be achieved with mascara and fake eyelashes, but if you want your lashes to be clump free and not full of glue, here are some tips to improve your own eyelashes. 

1. Remove eye make-up
Sometimes your eyelashes need a break from mascara, you can also damage them by roughly taking off your make-up. Remove make-up carefully and give your lashes a break.

2. Olive Oil
Olive oil is great TLC for your eyelashes, this will help them to grow longer and remain strong. 

3. Vaseline
Apply Vaseline regularly to your eyelashes at night to promote growth and make them thick and strong. 

4. Trim your eyelashes
Even though it doesn't sound like a good idea, trimming your eyelashes slightly every few months can stimulate the lash follicle and make them grow faster. 

5. Balanced diet
Having a balanced diet can be great for the health of your lashes. Most fruits, green vegetables, meat and eggs are just a few of the foods that are good for your eyelashes.