Five things we learned from romantic comedies


Ah, the romantic comedy. Like them or loathe them, they’ve taught us quite a few lessons about love and life, for example:

If you hate him at first, you probably love him really
You know that really annoying guy in your office? The one you absolutely hate? Well, he actually loves you. And you will love him too! Just wait.

The bad boy is just waiting to be tamed by a nice girl
All a bad boy needs to tame him is a nice girl. As soon as you come along, he’ll be a changed man! We promise. Just look at what Belle did for Beast!

If the popular guy acts like he likes you, it’s probably a bet
But don’t worry, all you have to do is…

Take off your glasses and you’ll be transformed!
Oh my God! Who IS that girl? As soon as you take off your glasses, or take down your ponytail, all the guys will want you. And then the bet won't matter, he'll want you anyway!

It’s possible to drive a car and stare at your passenger
Not a romantic comedy exclusive, but who knew it was possible to stare at your passenger and not crash into a tree? Amazing stuff!