Five reasons why Bill Murray is a king among men


It’s easy to love Bill Murray the actor for his superb performances and fantastic film roles, but how easy is it to love Bill Murray, the man?  Very.

 In fact, it’s even easier.

If you don’t know much about Bill apart from his roles in Ghostbusters, Lost in Translation and The Grand Budapest Hotel, then ladies you are in for a treat.

Feast your eyes on the many reasons Bill Murray is a king among men.

He karaokes
​The sixty-four year-old star rocked out with a gang of karaokers in a New York bar when one of the group invited the actor to join their private studio.  He accepted, he bought them drinks and he sang a duet with one of the group. Legend.

He fights crime
Bill accidentally helped apprehend a bank robber in Tokyo when he stopped to chat to a man on the run from police. The man, who was attempting to escape arrest, spotted Bill and was super eager to discuss Lost in Translation. Bill happily obliged only to have the man tackled by police minutes later. Never a dull moment.

He works the camera
He made a newly-engaged couple’s day by including himself in their engagement photoshoot. Looking a little like a confused uncle, Bill barely smiled, but looked happy to take part all the same. Hey, if you’re gonna be photobombed by anyone, it may as well be Bill Murray, right?

He does your dishes
College student Lykke Stavnef astounded her mates when she rocked up to a house party in Scotland with Bill, whom she had earlier met in a bar. He mingled, he entertained and then he pulled on his marigolds and started doing their dishes.  We need this man on our guest lists.

He tends bar
While visiting a bar in Austin in 2010, Bill decided to mosy on in behind the bar (as you do) and began to serve rounds of tequila, regardless of the customer’s request. If Bill Murray gives you tequila, you take tequila. End of.


If only they’d make a film of his real life. Sigh.