Five essential oils that support your body’s health!

Essential oils can sometimes get a bad rap, but there's no denying that they can provide great therapeutic and healing benefits.

The oils carry the physical properties of the plants they came from, but in a concentrated form. Some are applied to the body externally and some are taken with water or in droplet form.

Here are a few of our favourite essential oils for healing and relaxing…

1. Peppermint
This oil is a natural pain-reliever and can also help digestion. For headaches, apply a couple of drops to the temples or the back of the neck. For stomach aches, bloating or constipation, add a drop of peppermint oil to a cup of water and drink, or simply have some peppermint tea made from fresh or dried leaves.

2. Tea tree
This antibacterial and antiviral oil is great for clearing up blemishes and fungal skin problems. Dab some onto a spot or use it topically to help problems like athlete's foot.

3. Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus soothes the respiratory system and is also naturally antiviral. Use it in a vaporiser or add a few dabs to the inside of your nose to relieve congestion. Ensure you dilute this oil before applying it to the skin as it can be irritating otherwise.

4. Lavender
Lavender is great for relaxing and calming the mind, but it works well on cuts and irritated skin too. Add a few drops to your bath and sprinkle on your pillow to help you sleep, and for skin problems look for natural creams containing lavender.

5. Calendula
This soothing oil is great for easing psoriasis and reducing the appearance of scars. Add the oil to your bath or purchase some calendula cream or lotion for topical use.