First date make-up: Dos and Don’ts

Don’t use too much of anything (even if you love your blusher).
The last thing you want is your date to think that you got into a fight with your make-up bag. Less is always more ladies.

Do go for a simple hairstyle.
A side plait or a flirty ponytail can do wonders. If you want nice and relaxed look, then leave your hair down.

Don’t chance your arm.
You might want to do something a little bit special and experiment with new make-up, but let’s just keep the experimenting for a night out with the girls…

Do opt for a natural lip color.
Peach and pale pinks will make you look natural and approachable.

Don’t overdo it with the perfume.
Choose something that’s flirty and lightly scented.

Do carry some blotting paper with you in case your oil glands start acting up.
‘The Greasy One’ isn’t the nickname you want to be remembered by.