Fifteen weird and wonderful facts about sex!

Most of us probably spend more time thinking about sex than we'd ever admit – but how much do we actually know about it besides the basics?

As dedicated writers, we've hunted down some of the most bizarre and interesting facts about getting down and dirty to help educate you!

Here are just a few…

1. The average speed of male ejaculation is 45 km/hour.
That's kinda scary!

2. The Greeks have the most sex
A Durex survey revealed that the most sex is had in Greece, followed by Spain and Brazil. So maybe if Ireland had a similarly sunny climate we'd be getting more action in the bedroom?

3. The G in G-spot is named after Dr Ernst Grafenberg
The German gynaecologist ​"discovered" its existence back in the 1940s. The term was first coined in 1981.

4. Just 25% of women can reach orgasm from intercourse alone
As for the rest of us? Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.

5. The average sex session burns around 100 calories
And different positions like getting on top can burn 50% more. That's as good a reason as any to skip the gym!

6. What's your number?
Just one in ten Irish people in their thirties claim to have had more than 20 partners. The average amount of partners by the time we reach our thirties is eight or nine. Phew!

7. Men reach their sexual peak long before us ladies
Men's testosterone production is at its highest when they are aged 17 and 18, meaning they technically reach their sexual peak at that age. Us ladies take a little longer – our oestrogen production doesn't peak until we reach age 28.

8. Humans aren't the only ones enjoying oral sex!
Many animals engage in it with their mating partners – including bears, bats and goats.

9. The average woman will have sex over 3,000 times in her lifetime.
It all adds up!

10. Basically, everyone hates the word "vagina"
There are around 1,000 recognised euphemisms or nicknames for the word in the English language. Some of us just can't call it by its real name!

11. Like a sneeze, an orgasm can't be stopped once it has started
Bless you!

12. Orgasms are natural painkillers
When we orgasm our body releases endorphins which can reduce pain. Oxytocin is also released, which makes us feel closer to our partner. Aaaaw!

13. Don't kick off the duvet just yet
You're more likely to orgasm if your feet are warm and toasty.

14. The size of your breasts can increase by up to 25% during sex
A woman's breast size grows when she is aroused, meaning her boobs become more sensitive to touch.

15. It's possible for a man to orgasm without ejaculating
So there won't always be "evidence"!