Feud heats up between famous frenemies at Coachella festival


Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton are said to have reignited their feud at the Coachella festival.

The on-off pals had a war of words during the first weekend of the music and arts festival in California, after hotel heiress Paris accused Kelly of blanking her.

Kelly was said to have been hanging out with friends in one of the Palm Springs event’s VIP areas, when Paris showed up and tried to join in.

Paris then stopped in her tracks and called Kelly a ‘bitch’ before storming off.

The exchange apparently prompted Kelly to get on Twitter, writing, “Please grow up, there is no need to act like a child you could of (sic) joined us it’s not 2005 no one cares.”

After close to 80 retweets from fans, the remark was deleted.

Eight years ago, Kelly accused the 33-year-old millionairess of being a “bad influence” on pre-pubescent teenage girls.

Not long after this, Kelly was left fuming at her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas when Paris’ then boyfriend Stavros Niarchos ruined the bash by trashing her hotel room.

The two later made up…sort of.

Kelly said of Paris, “We have fun together. I know that whatever I tell her, she tells everyone anyway, but I’ve always known she’s not the friend that you tell your deepest secrets to.”

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