Fans will LOVE Taylor Swift’s recent admission


Oh Taylor, just when you think you can’t surprise us anymore, you tell us that you stalk your fans.

The singer, who is eagerly awaiting the release of her new album, 1989, was speaking to BBC America about her secret listening sessions, saying: “I would go online and would look at their Instagram pages, or their Twitter or their Tumblr or whatever and I just kind of watched them for months and months.”

We love how we can just imagine Taylor sitting in her room with Meredith and Olivia, watching Law & Order and stalking her fans – amazing. 

The singer was also forced to explain why her most recent single from the album, Out of the Woods, wasn't made available on iTunes UK, taking to her Tumblr account and writing: 

"To all my wonderful UK fans, I realise that you are not able to get ‘Out of the Woods’ due to a new strategy my record is working on it the UK. I’ve never been one to hold my music back from any of you so I will be watching closely to see of this is ultimately a better experience for you, the fans.”

Taylor went on to say that her bestie Ed Sheeran had done something similar: “My good friend Ed Sheeran utilised the same strategy with’One’ in the UK and he seemed very happy with the feedback from his fans. But ultimately, it’s down to you. Let me know.”