If you loved Gossip Girl then The Bold Type is the show for you

We've exhausted Netflix of every new series and we're sure you have too. But before you watch Gossip Girl for the tenth time, allow us to introduce you to The Bold Type.

The Bold Type is the witty, emotional and inspiring show every millennial woman needs in her life. Just a warning- it will leave you dreaming about moving to New York and working high-fashion magazine Scarlet.

The show is inspired by former editor of Cosmopolitan Joanna Coles, who worked as chief content officer for Hearst Magazines until 2018. She even works as an executive producer on the show.

So, what's The Bold Type all about?

The empowering show is set at Scarlet magazine in New York and follows the lives of three employees and best friends- Jane, Kat and Sutton. The three women all work in different parts of the magazine-fashion, editorial and social media- and we see them struggle with career woes and personal issues like break ups, secret relationships, sexuality and financial problems.

The show is full of gripping content, quite like the magazine the girls work at.

The storylines are serious. They’re problems many of us have faced at some point in our lives. In a mere ten episodes, they managed to highlight issues like breast cancer scares, sexual assault, forbidden love, online trolls, immigration laws, racial abuse and online dating.

However, it is Kate, Jane and Sutton's close bond that makes the show extra special. Forget about the days of catfights and competitiveness, because this show is all about just how wonderful female friendships are. Jane, Kat and Sutton are there for one another come rain or shine. Forever meeting in the fashion closet to discuss their latest dilemmas, the trio’s friendship is a breath of fresh air.

And in a time when seeing friends is harder than ever before, The Bold Type helps remind us just how incredible female friendship is.

The female characters make mistakes, they express their feelings and are ambitious in their careers. They’re real women. They’re you, your best friend, your sister, your work wife. They’re the female characters we’ve needed on our screens for longer than we even realised, until now.

You can watch all three seasons of The Bold Type on Amazon Prime.