Fail or holy grail? Blogger divides opinion with budget beauty hack


Let's face it, we're all on what seems like a never-ending search for that ONE beauty tip or cosmetic trick which will have us looking tip-top from dusk 'til dawn, but it isn't always easy.

Eager to offer her followers a cheap and easy hack for nailing that oh-so sought after contoured look, beauty blogger, Miriam Marroquinn, shared an idea which has divided her 60,000 online followers.

Uploading footage which showed her using Hershey's Cocoa as an alternative to standard powder, Miriam found herself the subject of backlash from YouTube and Instagram users who slammed the tip on hygiene grounds.

Accompanying the video with a post which read: "BEAUTY HACK! Fail or holy grail? How to contour your face with natural unsweetened Hershey cocoa", Miriam was called out on the footage and told by one YouTube user: "Stop teaching people to do crappy things to their face."

Echoing this, another member of the public wrote: "Awww…don't know if i can put that on my face.. it will feel weird but that's just me." while another blasted: "That's going to cause bacterial infections and breakouts. Stop using food products as make up. You're going to make a bunch of dimwitted girls sick."

Defending Miriam against the criticism, one Hershey convert wrote: "I guess a lot of people don't read the ingredients in makeup. I've purchased high end makeup that uses cocoa powder as an ingredient. If it's sugar free is not gonna attract bugs. These comments are ridiculous." (sic)

Our thoughts? Chocolate is for our bellies.