Faces we will need to perfect before the Christmas holidays


Christmas can be an amazing time of year – lots of cosy snuggles, warm fires, pretty lights and presents. However, it also means a LOT of time spent at home and around our local area. Sometimes fun – sometimes hellish. 

Here are the faces we will probably need to perfect to get through the rough moments this Christmas:

1. The ‘Oh my God, I LOVE it’ face

2. The ‘Mmm, this tastes SO good, how did you make it?’ face

3. The ‘trying hard to stay awake in mass’ face

4. The ‘I’m so wasted and trying not to show it’ face

5. The ‘I’d love to teach you how to Skype your sister on your new iPad, mom’ face

6. The ‘no way, I did NOT eat the last mince pie’ face

7. The 'Oh, it is just so good to see you, you look great' face